Appointments During and After COVID-19

We want to make sure that all of our patients know that CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons is available for in-person appointments, testing, treatment, procedures, and surgeries.

It’s understandable that you may be concerned about coming to a doctor’s office right now. Rest assured that we have put in place strict safety procedures to protect our patients. Because Dr. Manganiello has extensive experience in treating highly infectious patients when he was an internist in New York City, he is uniquely qualified as an eye doctor to reduce the risk of infection in his clinic.

We’ve gathered answers to frequently asked questions about what to expect when you visit CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

Are We Open?

We remain open to care for our patients with healthcare needs. We are proactively rescheduling patients for whom certain conditions and demographic factors make them candidates to be seen at a later date or, when possible, through telemedicine. All others are being seen in the office setting.

I need to see Dr. Manganiello but am concerned that I may be exposed to COVID-19 while there. What are you doing to protect patients?

First, please do not risk your health by delaying care. Here’s what we are doing to keep our patients healthy during their visit:

  • We Screen Who Enters the Office – We are proactively asking each patient a series of screening questions along with evaluating their personal health records to determine whether they can visit our office. If you pass this screening and we do not detect conditions that suggest you should not visit the office, you are welcome to come in for your appointment.
  • Providers and Staff are Protected – All providers and allied healthcare providers wear N-95 masks (these are very different from cloth, consumer or general healthcare masks.) Anyone examining you will wear an N-95 mask and gloves. All administrative staff wear masks.
  • Patients Must Wear Masks – No one is allowed into our office without wearing a mask. This can be a cloth, handmade mask or one you have purchased for general consumer or healthcare use.
  • No Waiting Room – We no longer have a waiting room for patients. Instead each patient receives a portable buzzer and waits in the car. When the buzzer lights up, it is time to enter the office for your appointment.
  • Patients are Isolated at the Office – All patients are timed to reduce contact with one another in the office. Social distancing rules will be enforced if there is more than one person passing through the waiting room.
  • Exam Rooms and Office Surfaces Sterilized – After each patient leaves an exam room and frequently touched surfaces, are sterilized with CDC approved disinfectants and continues throughout the day.

Patients and eye healthcare providers are in close proximity during an eye exam. How can you protect me?

All of our providers wear N95 masks which are protective personal equipment (PPE) used in hospitals and highly contagious environments. We also wear gloves. Our exam equipment is bolstered by protective shields and we sterilize all equipment and surfaces throughout the day. We also do not allow people who may be at risk to enter the office because we screen each person prior to making an appointment.

My eye doctor is not taking non-essential appointments but I need contacts, eyeglasses, an eye exam, have a stye or irritated eyes. Will you take a patient who is not an existing CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons patient?

We are helping anyone who needs care. CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons is a special provider of contacts during the pandemic and can therefore quickly ship contacts to you. We match online pricing to the best of our ability. Please have a copy of your vendor’s price.

Are you offering Video Visits?

Yes for those people whose healthcare need can be handled through telemedicine we will offer that as an option. If you would like to proactively ask if your appointment can be handled through telemedicine, please ask us.

I postponed a surgical procedure due to COVID-19. When will it be rescheduled?

CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons will begin to reach out proactively mid-May to discuss and surgical procedures.