Telemedicine at CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Remote Appointments with Dr. Manganiello

Connecticut Eye Physicians & Surgeons


When possible, Dr. Manganiello has managed people’s eye care needs outside of the clinic for years.

As for appointments in the clinic during COVID-19, as a former internal medicine physician in New York City who treated highly contagious patients for the New York State Prison population, he is well versed in how to maximize the reduction of infection risk in a clinic setting.

In many respects, the clinic at CT Eye Physicians & Surgeons may present less infection risk than going to a public setting for groceries. However, despite this, there are patients for whom appointments should be rescheduled or seen remotely.

Dr. Manganiello offers telemedicine appointments for those patients whose needs can be effectively managed remotely.

If you would like to be seen remotely please let us know at 860 644-5011 when making your appointment and we will determine whether this makes the most sense.