7 Expert Tips to Help Retirees Stay Active, Engaged, and Connected During Quarantine

Senior man looking out window

Originally Published By: travelandleisure.com

Excerpt: “As we anticipate at least another month of social distancing and sheltering in place, Travel + Leisure considered what this means for retirees. The group, of course, includes active retirees who were looking forward to traveling, visiting family around the country, and checking off bucket list experiences. There are also retirees who spend most of their time close to home, having coffee with neighbors and enjoying visits from grandchildren, friends, and relatives. Their lives and daily activities have changed, perhaps even more than for those whose office work is now at home filling days with emails, texts, phone calls, and social media — providing at least a temporary distraction from current events. We spoke to professionals in the field of gerontology for their thoughts and advice for retirees.”

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